Adeline Abductee

My Life (as told to The Enquirer)

5 January
Some things have changed in the past couple of years: I've still led a sheltered life, with one marriage (still intact), one kid (now grown), not enough dogs, cats and other pets, and way too many boring, drudgery jobs.

I still love fantasy such as LOTR, which I first read when I was in college, and never thought it could be put into movie form successfully. Also love intelligent, creepy (as opposed to stupid and gory) horror films, like "The Sixth Sense" and "The Ring." I am still short (5'2"), but no longer red-headed. My hair is now its "natural" color: about eighty percent silver, as it's just too much trouble to keep it any other way. I have better things to do with my time. Speaking of which: the Sweet Adelines and I have parted company - amicably, for the most part. It wasn't fun any more, and when a hobby stops being fun, one needs to gafiate.

A little explanation may be good here for those unacquainted with the term. "Gafiate" is a fannish term, from the acronym G.A.F.I.A.: G(etting) A(way) F(rom) I(t) A(ll). People have various reasons for gafiating, and mine was simple burnout. Music is no longer my life, but life goes on.