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November 17th, 2017

10:55 pm: Movie Version of Audrey Rose
...Well, I'd never seen it, and it starred some pretty good people, so when the 1977 film Audrey Rose showed up on TV last night, I tuned in to see what it was about:

It was about two hours long, but it seemed like a month.

It told the story of two families: one with a pre-teen daughter named Ivy, who was suffering increasingly frequent, painfully vivid nightmares about being trapped in a burning car, and who woke up from the dreams with actual burns on her hands and face. The sole survivor of the other family was a man whose wife had in fact been burned to death in a car crash years before, along with their young daughter Audrey Rose.

Poor Audrey Rose died a mere two seconds before the birth of the girl Ivy. (A couple of psychics, on two separate occasions, had hunted down the bereaved man and helpfully insisted on telling him this ghastly, unwelcome information, prompting him to visit India to study Hinduism and reincarnation. It made him calm... not to mention creepy.) He was now stalking the intact family because he believed that Ivy was the reincarnation of his daughter Audrey Rose, and that he alone could help her live with the traumatic memory of her own death. In this he was unsuccessful. So were the psychiatrists who tried to cure her with hypnosis. Ivy, after two solid hours of unintelligible lectures on the nature of reincarnation — alternating with hysterics and psychosomatic burn wounds — died of stress-induced heart failure. It seemed a merciful ending.

But now I want my two hours back.

mood: blahblah

October 16th, 2017

02:41 pm: Happy Birthday, neonnurse! Many more happy returns of the day!

May 6th, 2017

04:09 pm: Happy Birthday, caffyolay
Happy Birthday (May 8), Cathy!

December 24th, 2016

08:16 pm: A Merry Christmas to everyone who observes the day, A Happy Holiday of Your Choice to everyone else.
This won't be our worst Christmas on record, but none of us is in a very festive mood. Around Dec. 5, two weeks after keeping a doctor's appointment, my Mister came down with a nasty cold. (NOT that I'm blaming anyone who was in the clinic that day, of course...) His throat started to be scratchy and his voice was hoarse, and the symptoms only got worse. He's still not really over it yet: coughing, hacking, and all that. Meanwhile our Eric became ill about a week later (naturally his employer doesn't provide him sick days because he's technically a part-timer; he's had to go to work sick every day, poor man... and I pity the customers who may have contracted the cold, but we can blame the current fascist government and its parasitical medical system for that), and I started with the scratchy throat around the 19th. It's now Christmas Eve, and all I've gotten done today is clearing my throat, blowing my nose, and carefully washing my hands, so that I could continue to prepare for tomorrow's dinner... making pumpkin pies, deviled eggs, traditional stuff that can be made ahead.

Most colds are only about one week in duration, but this one reminds me of one I got about 15 years ago. It was particularly vicious, and it held on, and held on, and when it finally cleared up I started getting guttate psoriasis all over... which made me suspect that it might be a mild form of strep since people claim the two are connected. Eric doesn't think this one is strep, which he had in the form of scarlet fever as a child... THAT scared the living daylights out of me when the doctor gave the diagnosis! As many times as I've gone through Beth March's death while reading Little Women, or watching a dramatization of the book, I thought the man was telling me my child was a goner! But there's scarlet fever, and then there's scarlet fever (basically, strep with a rash). Sometimes it's mild... you don't always get rheumatic heart disease and waste away.

So on THAT hopeful note, I'll say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a better tomorrow.

mood: sicksick

November 14th, 2016

The last time I went shopping, on Thursday of last week, I reached for some of my favorite items: Jiffy Muffin Mixes — made right here in Michigan!

Then I noticed a line of information that had been added recently to their packages: "PARTIALLY PRODUCED WITH GENETIC ENGINEERING."

To say that I was dismayed would be an understatement. I called their company from the grocery store, on my cell phone. But the operator said that the department I needed to talk to, regarding exactly what was meant by that sentence, was closed for the day... it was only 4:30pm. But all right...

I called back from home the next morning, Friday, and again the person I needed to speak to was not in. The operator asked for my phone number and name, however, which I left with her, not feeling very hopeful that anyone would return my call. But on Saturday morning I did get a call from the CEO of "Jiffy." He told me that they now use GMO cornmeal (and probably wheat flour, although he didn't specify that) because it's so "difficult" and (more to the point) EXPENSIVE to use non-GMO flours, which he assured me are now only about 3% of those available, but they're "just as wholesome" as the old, "unimproved" kind, and what's wrong with that?

Well... nothing, if your whole focus is to keep your bottom line producing the maximum profit, while giving Monsanto an ever more solid monopoly on the grains being planted because they hold "patents" on those whose DNA they've meddled with. Sadly I am now boycotting "Jiffy" because they've sold out their customers in my opinion. Any day I expect to learn they've relocated to some third-world country where people are desperate enough to work for 25¢ an hour, in factories where the toilet facilities for workers lack such "luxuries" as actual toilets, let alone running water and soap.

mood: angryangry

August 5th, 2016

02:19 pm: Dentistry From the Heart!
Once again the WONDERFUL Team at Shwedel Dental will be contributing to the public well being, by providing for ONE DAY ONLY ... DENTISTRY FROM THE HEART!

As of August 1, 2016:
On Saturday, September 10, we will be providing a FREE filling, extraction OR cleaning to adults in need.
Please help us spread the word by sharing this information with your friends & family.
The Shwedel Dental Team
Shwedel Dental - 25650 Goddard Road, Suite A - Taylor, MI 48180
ph: 313-292-5590 - email: info@shwedeldental.com

mood: gratefulgrateful

May 8th, 2016

12:11 pm: A Very Happy Birthday to caffyolay!
Many more of them: happy and numerous!

April 29th, 2016

01:57 pm: Happy Birthday, amber_dragon64!
Many Happy returns of the day!

April 8th, 2016

02:24 pm: Happy Birthday, ajat!
Many happy returns of the day!

March 30th, 2016

06:31 pm: Happy Birthday, subversa
Hope it's going great. Many more happy ones yet to be.

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